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Abecedarium : 1 universe per word, 1 word per letter of the alphabet. 26 videos with their own score and atmosphere.

Your projects
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Don't waste time : make the most of it.
Because time is precious and constrained, your needs have to be matched. Quickly. Professionally.

The final touch

Your project is done.
Done except for this final touch that will bring out its atmosphere, pace it and make it stand out : music.

Whether you are working on a movie, video game, corporate video, animation/VR, mapping, documentary or logo identity there is music that suits your needs.
And whether you need it ready on the fly or to be purposedly composed for your project, you're at the right place, right time. Lucky you.


Going electro ? Or want something heavier ? Wait : want this mellow piano intro that dives into a deep orchestral flow of strings and melodies ?
Or perhaps your rush in the wilderness would require more of a soft acoustic guitar accompanied by shallow percussions...

Whether or not you already know which genre(s) you need, I'll provide you with expertise and professionalism so that we make the most of your project.

Feed your needs

Your project is unique : so will its music be.
Watch the featured showreel just above : Abecedarium, a series of 15-seconds videos in 26 different genres with their own score, to give you a tiny glimpse of what we can achieve, and so much more. From A to Z.

On a budget but still want high quality music ?
Check out my profile on Envato market's Audiojungle : soon packed with ready-to-use musics, loops, in different formats of lengths.
There are no problems : only solutions.


Julien Marocco was born in 1986.

Passionate about astronomy since a kid but growing passion as well about music over time, he starts playing guitar around 15.
He decides after graduating a master's degree in astrophysics in 2010 to dive full-time into music that he still kept studying in his spare time.
Performing over 500 concerts since then, recording bands, learning new instruments and composing in various styles such as soul, orchestral, afro, trip-hop, progressive, rap, electronic and a plethora of others, the obvious choice was to step it up and make the most of his influences and inspiration(s) through cinematic soundtrack music.

a.mazed.brane is what makes the connection between those two universes : music and infinity.
An infinity of genres, ideas, inspirations, projects and people to work with and for. When emotions meet cinematic experience.

So keep your brain amazed and let's start working together...

Let's start working together !

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